Your Video on Web3
Allow viewers to collect, trade, and gain access to your content

Reach more viewers

Videoflow NFT allows content owners to turn their videos into protected NFTs. Unlike traditional NFTs, where your content is a accessible to anyone on the web, Videoflow's NFT assets are protected and can only be accessed by viewers who purchase access to each asset.


With more artists looking to monetize their content NFTs can provide access to exclusive interviews, live shows, and historic performances.


Sports is a highly evolving field and that always keeps on with the current trends. Share highlights, top plays, and archive footage with your loyal fans


Film has a very loyal fan base. Share exclusive scenes, interviews, and behind the scenes footage as collectible items your fans will love.

Videoflow NFT takes care of the entire workflow

Videoflow’s pioneering technology helps you overcome the challenges of breaking into the NFT ecosystem and unlocking the full potential of your video content. With a powerful CMS, you can easily publish your video on the blockchain, regardless of its length or size, making it available on the most popular marketplaces.


While viewership and access rights are tradable as NFTs on the blockchain, the content itself stays protected behind the CDN making sure that only owners can view content.


Incentivize fans and collectors to own access to content as a collectible that will increase in value over time.


As an NTF, content can be traded multiple times providing a longer revenue stream for the content owner.

Videoflow NFT 

Secondary Market

Content Owner


Content life cycle

Revenue from purchases and portion of resale in secondary market
Purchases NFT access to content, resells to secondary markets
Publishes video content as NFT and sets initial price
Makes content available for purchase and authenticates viewers

Simplified UI that removes user friction

Videoflow NFT publishing is exclusive to curated creators and provides a simple interface to mint and deploy video content. Viewers are free to browse, purchase, and trade content by connecting their wallets.

Fans can purchase and watch exclusive NFT video content on demand. Trade on secondary markets, share on social media, or keep the content as a collectible.
Media brands publish their videos as NFTs. Those NFTs are presented as a collection allowing fans to browse and discover more content they love.