Your own Netflix
Create customized, white-label OTT channels

Make it a part of your brand

Build your own, fully functional video channel.

Colors and logos

Style your video channel with your theme and make it look as a seamless part of your brand. The channel style editor is a visual interface that allows you to preview how your channel is going to look like to your viewers.


Allow users to create an account in order to access to your video. Track subscriptions to your channel over time and see your fan base grow.


Sell your content by adding paywalls to the channel. You can set up monthly subscription paywalls where viewers pay a set amount each month, or sell individual videos at a given price. Useful when selling VOD as a monthly subscription and Live events as Pay-per-View (one time purchase).

Custom domains

Deploy your channel with a custom domain and make it a part of your existing website. Each channel includes SSL by default and you can choose to use your own certificate.

Monetize your content

Turn your viewers into paying customers and turn your content into a revenue stream by utilizing Videoflow's monetization. Implement various monetization models to fit your digital content strategy.

Subscription (SVOD)

Allow viewers to subscribe to selected content with a monthly or an annual subscription. With multiple plans for multiple tiers.

Pay-Per-View (PPV)

Viewers can purchase individual videos and watch only what they need. Extra flexibility increases the conversion rate of your channel visitors into paying viewers.

Advertising (AVOD)

Connect ad servers to the platform to insert video ads as pre, mid, and post-rolls. With the integration of ad servers such as DoubleClick and Ad Butler you will have full control of both programmatic and manual sponsorship revenue.


Sell content for a limited amount of time or to a limited amount of viewer. This can increase the scarcity of the content and drive the value higher.

Micro bundling

With Videoflow, you can create multiple channels and by utilizing the workflow editor you can target and reuse content on different channels. Instead of creating one channel to accommodate everyone, you can create multiple channels and deploy them strategically to serve specific audiences and increase conversion rate. For example, create a channel per sports team or even for each player.