September 10, 2020

NTT Sportict Launches Multiple OTT Sports Channels with Videoflow

Businesses are radically changing the way they operate inorder to keep up with current global state of affairs. Many of the mostaffected businesses involve live events, and significantly sporting events.While sporting events may still be held in some areas, stadiums are nearlyempty due to precautionary measures. This represents a true challenge inkeeping fans engaged with their favorite sports and teams. Japan’s NipponTelegraph and Telephone Sportict  division(NTT Sportict) is rising to this challenge by using Videoflow’s videoengagement platform to launch several OTT sports channels with both live andVOD (pre-recorded) content.

With Videoflow, NTT Sportict has been able to create OTTchannels for Field Hockey and the Handball Association of Japan, among others.Each channel is completely white labeled, with custom branded graphics andstyles, running on its owner’s domain. Plus, NTT Sportict can easily managetheir content with Videoflow’s integration to Pixelot’s AI driven videorecording technology, enabling full playfield coverage. Fans can tune in on anydevice, mobile, desktop, or smart TV, and watch live video of games inprogress, or browse an archive of past games. Fans can skip around to watch thehighlights of their favorite game, and even replay portions of a game that isin progress. Channels can also be populated with future scheduled events, enablingfans to see when games will be occurring, complete with the teams playing,venue, along with other event details.

NTT Sportict uses Videoflow to create multiple OTT channels


Videoflow integrates with several ad providers, enabling NTTSportict to monetize their content with banner ads and pre/mid/post-roll videoads. Ads are placed according to NTT Sportict’s and the sports leagues’ designand can be triggered live by API calls or metadata within the video feeditself, to coincide with specified points in the game. This results in aseamless and familiar experience for the fans, which looks great on any device.

"Videoflow Channels empowers organizations like NTT Sportict to create and deliver content to viewers from multiple sources at scale and with minimal friction from contribution to delivery", says Jan Umansky, Videoflow's CEO.

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